Saturday 15 December starting from 23:59

Fourth year of Maxim, the fourth SEXY CHRISTMAS is coming.
But what eve? what kind of ? we will give you the "Christmas song", we'll let you taste the Milf pigs of Christmas past, the Christmas girls present and the perverted teenager of the future Christmas.
A story written by Dickens (Nomen Omen).
The appointment is for Saturday 15 December, in the only Italian-Italian restaurant full of girlseven at Christmas.
Get an outlet before enduring dinner, the ball and all that family of shit, with the children screaming, the mother-in-law who breaks the balls and your wife with the curlers on their heads that will surely burn the Lasagna.
Sexy fabulous buffet to whet your sweet tooth.
Dj set fabulous and overwhelming, animation Maxim.
Remember that we are all better at birth but they are all more Beautifull!